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Whose renewable future?

Is big business poised to capture the renewables revolution? Danny Chivers draws up the battle lines.

Filed in: Corporations, Energy and Sustainability

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Kurdish boys killed as tensions rise in Cizre

Sophie Cousins reports on the Turkish town that ‘could be the next Kobane’.

Filed in: Human Rights, Minorities, Turkey and Violence

Solar panels

Desertec: the renewable energy grab?

Desert solar plants planned for North Africa are just another exploitative resource grab, argues Hamza Hamouchene.

Filed in: Africa, Algeria, Energy and Politics

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Digital democracy: action and contacts

Further information, campaign groups and websites.

Filed in: Democracy and Politics

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A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

John Perry Barlow’s visionary 1996 statement.

Filed in: Democracy, Politics and Technology

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‘Thinking loudly’: blogging for Yemen

Human rights advocate Afrah Nasser talks to Lydia James about revolution, censorship and the importance of Vitamin D.

Filed in: Human Rights, Technology and Yemen

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Mind your own business

Privacy International’s Eric King on resisting surveillance.

Filed in: Democracy and Technology

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Privacy vs transparency

Is it possible to have both in a digital age? Yes, argues Sunil Abraham.

Filed in: Democracy and Politics

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Everywhere in chains

Investigative journalist Nick Davies on the myth of press freedom.

Filed in: Democracy, Media and Politics

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Egypt, defeated

Four years after Tahrir Square, repression and brutal enforcement are still the norm, writes Chalaine Chang.

Filed in: Activism, Egypt, Human Rights and Politics

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Living with fracking

What’s it like to live next door to the fracking rigs? Six photographers spent two years in gas-rich Pennsylvania trying to find out. 

Filed in: Mining and United States

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