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New Internationalist first issue

The very first issue of New Internationalist boasts an interview with the President of Zambia, and an article by Roy Jenkins on the challenge of world poverty.

March 1973, Issue 001

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George Monbiot
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John Pilger
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Emma Thompson
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Desmond Tutu
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Interview with Kenneth Kaunda
David Martin interviews the Zambian President.
The new Europe and the Third World
Roy Jenkins on the 'Challenge of World Poverty'.
The World Food Crisis
Keith Abercrombiespells out the current situation.
Crying in the Wilderness
Asfaw Yemiru's incredible story, from illiterate beggar-boy to headmaster of a free school in Ethiopia.
Profile: R K Laxman
Iner Malhotra on the brilliant cartoonist whose insights into India's development struggle are looked forward to by millions of Times of India readers every day.
If the war on poverty is to be won, a second front must be opened – in the rich world.
Third World News