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‘The Ethiopian people can no longer be passive’

Opposition leader Negasso Gidada talks to Edward McKenna about his hopes for his country’s nascent pro-democracy movement.

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A word with acclaimed singer Meklit Hadero

The Ethiopian-born, US-based songwriter tells us about her inspirations and her earliest musical memory.

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Civil society crackdown in Ethiopia

As Ethiopia joins the UN Human Rights Council, Laetitia Bader hopes its own rights abuses will be put under the international spotlight.

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Winds of change in the Horn of Africa

Sally Healy compares the political fortunes of Ethiopia and Somalia in the light of the dramatic developments of recent weeks.

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Meles Zenawi - where did it all go wrong?

A profile of the former guerilla leader turned tyrant, Ethiopian Prime Minister Zenawi, who died today after 21 years in power.

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A profile of the African country

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Guantanámo Bay Ethiopian style.

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  • October 5, 1999
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End Piece

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  • September 5, 1998
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No Woman Is An Island

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  • August 5, 1995
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